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ServSafe certification in ONE DAY!

All Courses include textbook, professional trainer, exam and lunch. The course starts at 9:00 am and finishes by 5:00 pm with the exam.

Registration Fee: $125.00 for VHTA Members, $175.00 for Non-Members, $75.00 for just the test

To view the 2014 class schedule and register click HERE.

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Register today for the Shenandoah Valley Tourism Summit! Click HERE to register and for event details!

Registration for the VHTA EARLY FALL MEETING is now open! Click HERE to register and for event details!

Register today for the Northern VA Tourism Summit August 6th! Click HERE to register and for event details.

Southern VA Tourism Summit rallies momentum! Read HERE about the successful summit.

VHTA Coalition Forces Postponement of Meals Tax Vote! Check it out HERE!

Checkout the updated VHTA 2014 General Assembly Legislative Report HERE.

Checkout the 2014 Virginia Travel Guide HERE for statewide restaurant, hotel and travel listings!

VHTA Names Elects New Officers and Directors.
The Virginia Hospitality & Travel Association has chosen new officers and directors at large for its 2014 Board of Directors.  READ MORE

Liberty students fight against Lynchburg meals tax.
"Do you eat out in Lynchburg", a question Liberty students were asking everyone trying to gain momentum to fight against the Lynchburg meals tax.

Checkout this important message from the NRA on the minimum wage bill. VHTA recently attended the 2014 NRA Public Affairs Conference where key issues, like the minimum wage bill, were discussed. READ MORE

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