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From the Chair

The Virginia hospitality industry grows our Commonwealth’s economy with jobs and enhances the standard of living for our citizens by providing all Virginians a place to live, work, and establish life long memories.  We are an industry supported by small business owners whose primary goal is a successful livelihood while working in a field they love.  The hospitality industry is also heavily regulated by taxes, health inspection requirements, permitting and construction requirements.   The VHTA PAC is a voluntary, bi-partisan political action committee that prides itself on maintaining constant vigilance of ongoing legislation and regulation through which government enacts oversight over the business process.   There is little doubt that without VHTA PAC, restaurants, hotels, destinations and travel related businesses would have increased regulation; higher taxes; and additional paper work.  In 2011 alone, Virginia legislators submitted nearly 3,000 proposed bills at the state level alone.  We must provide them guidance to help them understand the policy decision at hand and impact to businesses during their decision making process.   With your participation in the VHTA PAC, you strengthen our voice as leading job providers, conscientious business operators and a strong asset to Virginia’s economic vitality.

Owen M. Matthews


The VHTA PAC is the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association's political action committee.  The VHTA PAC supports policymakers who understand the value of promoting Virginia tourism and of fostering a favorable business climate in which restaurants, lodging, travel and hospitality suppliers may prosper.  It is vital the VHTA has a strong voice to promote and protect the hospitality and travel community.  The VHTA PAC is one important way the VHTA recognizes policymakers who are committed to promoting a favorable business climate in which restaurants, lodging, travel and hospitality suppliers may prosper.  Considering the numerous legislative and regulatory challenges with which the industry is faced, the support of these policymakers is critical to achieve a favorable business climate for the hospitality and travel community.  


Make sure your voice is heard.  You can make a difference with a financial contribution to the VHTA PAC.

Show your support for the VHTA PAC (Download brochure).

Individual and corporate contributions are welcome to support the VHTA PAC.  If you are interested in contributing to the VHTA PAC, contact Kristian Havard at

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