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Welcome to the Virginia Green Suppliers Network


The Virginia Green Suppliers Network (VGSN) was created to serve as “the green source” for Virginia Green participants that are searching for green products and services. Virginia Green participating facilities are encouraged to “shop” the VGSN.  The VGSN functions as a green directory and is searchable by subject topic.  For instance, Recycling Vendors, Green Disposables, Water Efficiency, Solar, Green Consulting, etc.   

To be listed on the VGSN, the VG Supplier must:
   (1) Provide an explanation of the green products or services the business provides; and
   (2) Provide a webpage reference for only their green products and services.

Once approved as a Virginia Green Supplier, the business will be listed on the VGSN webpage by the service or product it provides, so that our Virginia Green members can find a business to purchase green products from.

VGSN is a fee-based program, and go towards the continued support of the Virginia Green program.  VGSN members are encouraged to use the VGSN logo to demonstrate their company’s commitment to the environment! 

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Benefits of Being a Supplier

For those that join Virginia Green Suppliers Network realize that Virginia’s tourism industry is closely linked to our beautiful natural resources. We all receive many benefits from protecting our environment, but here are some benefits that come directly from becoming a Virginia Green Suppliers Network:

Benefits of the Virginia Green Suppliers Network:

  • Use of the Virginia Green Supplier logo which links you directly to Virginia Green partners. Additionally, the logo communicates your company's environmental commitment to all of your customers.
  • Direct access to the list of Virginia Green partners and contacts. We will make the list of participants available to you so that you may market directly to these businesses.
  • Promotional opportunities. Let us know when you are doing business with Virginia Green participants and we will feature your efforts in this publication and in the Virginia Green Gazette newsletter.
  • Exhibit/networking opportunities. Suppliers are encouraged to participate in all regional workshops and at the Virginia Green annual conference.
  • Deals & Discounts. "Deals and discounts" can be channeled directly through the VGSN to the Virginia Green participants and on the VGSN website.


How to Become a Supplier

Joining is easy! Simply fill out the Virginia Green Suppliers Network application and submit it to info@vhta.org or fax it to 804-285-3093.
By filling out the application, your organization is also required to make voluntary commitment to reduce environmental impacts in its daily operations.

The Virginia Green Suppliers Network Terms and Conditions

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Virginia Green is a partnership program supported by


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